14 Pictures Whose Angles Caused a Great Deal of Confusion

2 years ago

Imagine that you wake up at night in your bedroom. You’re still half asleep and begin looking for a glass of water you left there before going to bed. When you finally manage to open your eyes, you get scared because you mistake a sweater you left hanging from your chair for a human torso. You’re probably still in a place between waking and sleeping, so you’re not sure if you’re actually dreaming or not. Well, sometimes pictures actually manage to capture similar strange illusions that seem so real, they make us doubt whether we’re awake or sleeping.

Bright Side found some pictures that prove the art of illusion and mimicry can sometimes go so far as to make you believe some fantastic things are true. Take a look and don’t forget to check the bonus feature at the end.

1. “I went hiking and it looks like I only have one leg.”

2. “He’s not wearing heels.”

3. “Who’s a good boy?”

4. “Vanishing into the sea”

5. “My cat’s head looks transparent.”

6. “A giant squirrel spotted across the road”

7. “Forbidden banana”

8. “Space cat to mission control — do you copy?”

9. “Shape-shifting is tiring. I need a nap before changing back...”

10. “Harvesting potatoes looks like petting a puli dog.”

11. “This baby takes leg day seriously.”

12. “It looked like this car was holding up a light post.”

13. “Foot hand”

14. “The fabled short-necked giraffe”

Bonus: How about seeing some more photos with angles that steal the show and make a big difference?

“There’s a straw in this glass.”

Some images can practically make your brain explode. We’re talking about ones with angles and perspectives that come together and create puzzles that force you to take few minutes (or even hours) to actually figure out what’s going on. The Bright Side team has put together a series of pics that will test your powers of observation. Check it out here.

Have you ever gone through any unusual situations due to optical illusions? Feel free to share your experience with us below in the comments.

Preview photo credit mfairview / Reddit


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