14 Times Expectation and Reality Were Complete Opposites

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We all have expectations whenever we’re shopping online or looking at a nice ad for a product. But we also need to learn not to take it seriously when our assumptions aren’t met. In groups like r/ExpectationVsReality on Reddit, netizens can share their best or worst purchases and use humor to cope with the fails.

1. “Moby Wrap: nailed it.”

2. “Donut”

3. “Guess that’s what you get for $2.50.”

4. “Cute pink pig Kawaii cushion plush”

5. “Platinum hair expectation vs reality”

6. “Sheep cupcakes”

7. “My poor mother-in-law got bamboozled by a fake website. The delivered Charlie Brown ’tree’ is so pathetic looking, I honestly love it.”

8. “Beauty products these days...”

9. “The hiking boots I ordered online look a little different than the picture.”

10. “I still got compliments on it though but mostly gave people the creeps!”

11. “I ordered some tights for Halloween online. I didn’t check the size and it turns out they were a bit too small...”

12. “Cinnamon roll disappointment”

13. “Expectation vs reality”

14. “Storm (X-Men) cover art vs the action figure”

Are your expectations met when you shop online? What’s the funniest fail you’ve ever come across? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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She'd get the platinum look if she put toner on afterwards.


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