14 World Records You Can Break Right Away Without Specialized Training

2 years ago

Some world records may be impossible for us to break. After all, not all of us can train like Usain Bolt and can run a 100-meter dash in just 9.58 seconds. Not everything is beyond our reach though, as there are some achievements that we might actually succeed in beating, even if we’re just in the comfort of our own homes.

Bright Side found these feats that we can try to beat, just for fun. Just call your friend over to help and don’t forget to record your attempts on video for evidence.

1. Fastest time to drink 17 oz of water

Record to beat: 1.75 seconds (December 2014)

2. Loudest scream (by an individual)

Record to beat: 129 dBA (October 2000)

3. Most t-shirts put on in one minute (team of 2)

Record to beat: 35 shirts (January 2021)

4. Most marshmallows eaten in one minute

Record to beat: 25 standard-sized marshmallows (March 2013)

5. Fastest time to eat a bowl of pasta

Record to beat: 4 oz of pasta with sauce in 26.69 seconds (September 2017)

6. Most bubbles blown from a single wand dip

Record to beat: 1,431 bubbles (September 2020)

7. Fastest time to type the alphabet on a touchscreen phone

Record to beat: 3.91 seconds (September 2020)

8. Most hamburgers eaten in 3 minutes

Record to beat: 12 medium-sized hamburgers (July 2014)

9. Fastest crocheter

Record to beat: 5,118 stitches in 30 minutes (June 2005)

10. Most sticky notes stuck on the face in 30 seconds

Record to beat: 38 sticky notes (April 2018)

11. Fastest bed making

Record to beat:king-sized bed in 1 minute and 9 seconds (October 2018)

12. Most toilet paper rolls balanced on the head

Record to beat: 56 toilet paper rolls (November 2020)

13. Most claps in a minute

Record to beat: 1,103 claps (February 2018)

14. Most skips in one minute on one leg

Record to beat: 257 skips (March 2021)

Do you think you can break any of these records? What other unique things can you do that others might have a hard time doing?


It may just be me?
But l found each and every one was Damned Boring!!
Honestly, l couldn't stop Yawning. Sorry but that's just me...

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