15 Animals That Made Us Ask, “What on Earth Are You?”

5 years ago

Our animals live in our world alongside us so we think that we know and understand everything about them. It’s easy to believe there are no surprises left! But some of these creatures have their own little secrets. Even experienced spies would be jealous of how well they can disguise themselves.

Bright Side has collected some interesting animals that are not so easy to crack.

1. “Today our rescue became an anatomically correct heart.”

2. This baby kangaroo looks like a mafia boss.

3. This cat looks like an ancient and powerful wizard.

4. “Sometimes my golden retriever looks like a seal.”

5. “My puppy looks like a small wolf!”

6. “This is Ben. He has a beard and he is human-sized. We get funny looks in traffic.”

7. “My cat’s belly fur makes it look like she’s wearing a bikini.”

8. Baby parrots look like dinosaurs!

9. “We raised a shoulder cat.”

10. Kitty shark

11. This kitty looks like a cinnamon roll.

12. “Does my sister’s dog look like a loaf of bread to you too?”

13. “My cat looks like a truck driver.”

14. This little pup looks like a bear!

15. “This is Robert. He does this every time he realizes his walk is over.”

What do your pets pretend to be? Tell us in the comment section below.


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