15 Animals That Were Caught Red Handed

4 years ago

Animals never cease to surprise us, either because of their personalities, the way they imitate humans, or the general irrational things they do. That’s why some Reddit users shared some pictures of their pets who were caught red-handed while doing something out of the ordinary, like getting into a LEGO box at midnight, stealing a baby’s pacifier, or getting their heads stuck in a cat door.

Bright Side made a list of the funniest pet photos shared by these users.

1. “Caught my cat in the middle of a sneeze.”

2. “Their attempt to explore every square inch of the house”

3. “I found a comfy seat.”

4. A friend told me this story: “I was in bed, and I heard my mom’s cat come into my room. I heard some Legos being moved around. I got up and found this.”

5. “Perpetual existential crisis mode”

6. That’s one way of finding out if you like something.

7. “Bob really likes to roll in the snow. Meet the aBOBinable snowdog.”

8. “This pup who stole the baby’s pacifier is too much.”

9. When the “playing” gets a little out of hand:

10. “Welcome home, Dad!”

11. When you’re ready to see the world burn:

12. “Our cat door, is more like our dog head door.”

13. “This dog came into my pub.”

14. “I went to the kitchen to grab a drink and came back to this... No barking or anything, just chilling!”

15. “Finn prefers a meal with a view.”

Do you have photos of your pets when they were caught in the act? Share them with us. We may make a new article with them!

Preview photo credit Aussie_introvert / Reddit


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Once I came home to find my dog literally in my wardrobe sleeping under my clothes. My cute baby, but also all my shoes that were on the ground were a mess.


Wait! Cats #2?? How could they??? Unbelievable!!! Animals are so smart! Holy moly!


Haha that's nothing! Have you seen them being liquid? They're amazing and so so curious too

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