15 Before and After Pics That Prove Good Makeup Can Work Miracles

3 years ago

From covering little imperfections and making your skin glow to awarding you with a whole new face —good makeup can do whatever you want it to, if you just keep mastering your skills. Members of a Reddit thread called MakeupAddiction shared pictures of their stunning makeup looks, including before and after photos, and it looks like they can be anyone they want with their gorgeous daily and glamorous looks.

We at Bright Side got overwhelmed with the pics posted in this thread, and we chose these 15 before and after shots for you that show the power of makeup at its best. We hope they can inspire you to create new looks, and we’d be glad to see your photos too!

1. “I did my friend’s makeup for her graduation photos.”

2. “Before and after covering my redness and dark circles.”

3. “Before and after, a night out look”

4. Those eyes kept us glued to the screen.

5. “My 10 minute makeup look”

6. The power of makeup in all its glory

7. Just a couple of brush touches and some lipstick, but the effect is truly magical.

8. “This is my before and after natural makeup, I used some lilac on my eyes.”

9. “My prom got canceled, but that didn’t stop me from getting glammed up for it!”

10. “Before and after Christmas Eve makeup”

11. A good idea for gorgeous daily makeup that can make your face glow with beauty and health

12. A soft look that hides some little imperfections and highlights natural beauty

13. “Loving these no-makeup looks to feature my freckles!”

14. “The power of smokey eyes”

15. “I’m practicing doing my own makeup for my wedding. My goal is to still look like myself and keep it pretty natural.”

Whose makeup transformations inspired you the most? Do you like doing makeup? Show us your pictures in the comments!

Preview photo credit c***te / Reddit


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