15 Breathtaking Horses We Can’t Stop Staring At

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There are 217 separate breeds of horses in the world. This means that they are bound to be diverse and some of them are even born with unique color mutations that draw our eyes to them. Sometimes the colors of their fur are so otherworldly that we can’t believe they actually exist.

The animal lovers here at Bright Side searched and found 15 of the most unique and extraordinary horse breeds that prove nature is the most creative artist.

1. Frederik the Great, a majestic Friesian horse

2. “Storm” the Haflinger with the Rapunzel-like hair

3. Even the Dalmatians are jealous of this Appaloosa pony’s dots.

4. Aren’t you jealous of this Gypsy horse’s shiny hair?

5. These gorgeous horses are totally in love.

6. The American Bashkir naturally has what you try for hours to achieve with a curler.

7. Who said dual colors don’t look great? Blue Roan horses prove otherwise.

8. If you want to see a horse that looks like a cow, then you have to search for the American Paint horse.

9. This beauty is affected by the Dun gene that lightens most of the body while leaving the mane, tail, and legs dark.

10. The unusual coat of the Knabstrupper horse

11. Don’t take Fjord horses’ cute image as a weakness. They are quite the studs.

12. The beauty of this horse with the silver dapple gene is mesmerizing.

13. The Akhal-Teke, one of the oldest existing horse breeds

14. The Black Forest horse

15. The Ardennais horses are as strong as they look.

Have you ever come across any horses with unusual appearances? If so, please, share their photos with us down in the comments!


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