14 Cats Who Don’t Have to Look Purrfect to Win Our Hearts

2 years ago

Nobody is perfect, and our pets are no exception. Little flaws or peculiar inborn features can sometimes make them look different, but this should not be a reason to strip them of our love and affection. People who take care of the heroes of our article continue to prove that love has no boundaries, and they set a good example for everyone to follow.

Here at Bright Side, we believe that each and every living being deserves love, and we want to celebrate the beauty and charm of 14 cats who are imperfectly purrfect.

1. Googly eyes make Potato the cat look permanently startled, but his look is hypnotizing.

2. Angry Grumpy Kitzia is not really angry. She’s a lovely little girl with bright emotions.

3. As her humans say, Persian cat October is “taking over the world one blep at a time.”

4. Loki’s fangs make her look vicious, but in fact she’s a snuggly little lady.

5. Sheldon Thunderpaws has hydrocephalus, but that doesn’t make him look any less pretty.

6. Ollie’s irresistibly cute crossed eyes have brought him more than 30,000 dedicated fans on his Instagram account.

7. Wolfie is not angry with you. This is his ordinary smile, and it’s absolutely charming.

8. Narnia is a double-faced kitty with double the beauty and charisma.

9. Toby has a genetic disorder that makes his skin extremely loose, but this doesn’t take away from his natural beauty.

10. Atchoum is a young Persian cat with excessive hair growth and excessive charm.

11. Arlo looks totally “purrfect” and handsome for his loving humans and his followers on social media.

12. Rexie is a “handicat” who has only 2 working feet, but he enjoys life just like any other cat.

13. Wilfred looks a bit confused, but he feels totally fine surrounded by the love of his humans.

14. Willow is a rescue cat who was born with a beautiful heart-shaped nose.

Which of the heroes of our article has managed to win your heart at first sight? Do you have a pet? We’d be glad to see the photo of your fluffy friend in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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Can someone please explain me how is it possible that these cats even exist? Holy molly!


All cats are cute! It's not about the looks but how much they wanna cuddle with me


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