15 Celebrities Who Would Look Totally Different Just by Changing the Shape of Their Eyebrows

3 years ago

Eyebrows have a great influence on people’s aesthetics and can even set beauty standards. And one brow trend that is sweeping the world, for example, is to wear them in a natural way, leaving them full and thick, which gives more strength to the gaze and requires little maintenance. Today, this style is quite popular and celebrities everywhere pull it off so well that it’s difficult to imagine them looking any other way. However, in the 1990s, it was common to wear very thin eyebrows, so we can’t help but wonder what some of these celebs would look like if they still donned that look.

Bright Side made a list of celebrities rocking the fine eyebrow style of the 1990s to imagine what they would look like with this small yet significant change.

1. Dua Lipa

2. Emma Roberts

3. Lily Collins

4. Cara Delevingne

5. Kim Kardashian

6. Mila Kunis

7. Jennifer Connelly

8. Sofia Vergara

9. Emilia Clarke

10. Keira Knightley

11. Zendaya

12. Emma Watson

13. Demi Lovato

14. Arizona Muse

15. Audrey Hepburn

Did you get to rock the thin-brow style in the ’90s? Do you dare to share a picture with us to remember those times and the particular sense of fashion that was so popular back then? Post your before and after pics in the comments!


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well, maybe my problem is actually just my eyebrows:D this article gives me hope lol thank you!


https://www.fleamarketinsiders.com/5-makeup-looks-from-1910-to-1950-to-try-at-home/ I am curious about the opposite with women from the 1920s and 1930s.

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