15 Charming Stories That Come Together With Cute Family Photos

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11 months ago

Even though big photo albums in beautiful covers are a thing of the past and are being replaced with gigabytes of photos on our smartphones, many families still keep their old photos. A son that returned home even though he was missing for a long time, a father playing with a rhino that really enjoys it, a boy whose photo was printed in the newspaper — all these photos are charming and they make us smile.

We at Bright Side love photos like this and we enjoy sharing them with you.

1. “My grandma in 1968, who did everything from changing tires to overseeing all the details of my grandfather’s racing career. In 1971, he won Rookie of the Year in the NASCAR Winston Cup Grand National Series, in its first year under Winston’s sponsorship and it wouldn’t have been possible without her.”

2. “My dad got in trouble for skipping school because the local paper printed this picture of him in 1984.”

3. “My mom would always talk about how she was an editor for Tiger Beat magazine when she was a teenager in the 1960s. She would brag about spending time with the Stones and the Beatles. We always thought she was telling tall tales. Uncovered this pic while cleaning out her house last week.”

4. “My dad 49 years ago, waking up after getting hit in the head with a croquet mallet to find out he was unconscious through the whole moon landing.”

5. “We joked for years that my grandfather had a girlfriend in Japan. I found this in his desk. Japan, 1955”

6. “My grandmother and great-grandmother in the late 1920s in China. Since she was the only child, they kept her hair short like a boy, so that she would be respected as the future head of the household. She also told me she refused to take this picture until they bribed her with grapes.”

7. “My dad in 1969 in the Bronx, NY, speaking out against the Vietnam War. He became an anthropologist and archeologist, was taken hostage on 2 separate digs, saw a man trampled by water buffalo, crawled into a leopard den for ancient pottery, and so much more. He was my very own Indiana Jones.”

8. “My grandmother becoming her city’s first Homecoming Queen in 1970”

9. “This is a photo of a slide of my great aunt and her dad in the 1950s. He couldn’t wait for his tree to grow before using his hammock.”

10. “In 1973, we had a home birth. Friends were celebrating on the porch when a girl with a camera came up and asked what the celebration was for. We told her and she asked if she could take a photo. 2 weeks later, she came back with this. The little boy is me and the bundle is my minutes old baby sister.”

11. “My dad as a zookeeper in 1992. He was the only one at the time who could call the rhinos by name and they would come running like dogs. They enjoy a scratch behind the ear like dogs do.”

12. “My mom doesn’t like sushi and was caught throwing it away at age 4-5, around 1965-1966, in Japan.”

13. “My great-grandmother and her youngest son, who is now 98 years old. This is him when he returned from Dunkirk, after going missing for 6 weeks. My great-grandmother thought she would never see him again until one day, she was standing outside of her door and saw him walking down the street, back home.”

My great uncle was a MIA/POW in Europe and everyone thought he was dead till he turned up home too! Weird no one thought to inform families when they were found.


14. “Me, 1988 USS Midway, on a talent show crossing the equator of the Indian Ocean. Singing a song about a girl with the clap. I won the contest.”

15. “My photographer father set the timer perfectly for his proposal to my mother in 1979.”

Do you have any photos of your family that have a special story behind them? What is that story?

Preview photo credit thetechwookie / Reddit


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