15 Companies Whose Love for Their Customers Goes Beyond Just Wanting to Make a Buck

3 years ago

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon says, “We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job to make the customer experience a little bit better.” Many companies, just like Amazon, have come up with creative ways to make life simpler, easier, and more enjoyable for their customers, just by listening to them or figuring out what they need.

We at Bright Side have found thoughtful products and companies who are setting the trend in breaking barriers and stereotypes. Whether it be in the form of ingenious products or inclusive values and standards, we admire these 15 companies who add heart and mindfulness to what they do.

1. The Summer House praises body imperfections.

2. Heinz turned people’s artwork into billboard ads and custom ketchup bottles.

3. Lego has Braille Bricks to teach people with vision impairment how to read and write.

4. Starbucks opens signing stores around the world to accommodate their hard of hearing customers.

5. Razor Clips makes clips that help hide and keep bra straps in place.

6. Green Toys creates safe kids’ toys out of recycled plastic bottles to help save the environment.

7. Bad A*s Extension Cords have heavy-duty multi-outlet cords so you can plug in at different distances to get power.

8. Braille Code Brands Inc. sells sew-on Braille patches so that the visually impaired can easily identify their clothes.

9. Clean Heels makes heel stoppers to keep shoes from sinking into the grass and wobbling on uneven surfaces.

10. Artbeads makes magnetic clasps to make putting on jewelry on your own easy.

11. H&M Lab Germany partnered with Boltware to produce wearable love — an innovative jacket that can transfer hugs to those wearing the same product.

12. Aerie doesn’t use cover-ups or retouches for their photoshoots.

13. Crayola launched “Colors of the World,” to allow artists to showcase diversity in color.

14. Dove embraces diversity in beauty.

15. ModCloth does not change the size, shape, proportion, or color of their models for their photoshoots and ads.

Do you support any of these brands or products? Is there a company on this list, or not, that has helped you become a better and happier person?


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finally they stop making women look like elves from fairy tales but showed us the real world


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