15 Denim Mistakes That Can Ruin Even Stylish Looks

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Levi Strauss invented jeans in 1871. And this clothing item has changed a lot since then and become an integral part of the wardrobe of probably every person on the planet. We decided to find out what mistakes we usually make when wearing jeans, and how to correct them.

Double denim

Double denim is back in trend, so you can easily combine denim shirts or jackets with jeans. But it’s not necessary to try to match the shades of the denim. On the contrary, different shades will create contrast and soften your look.

The wrong length of straight leg jeans

Straight-leg jeans are a basic clothing item, and this is what makes them so popular. A classic straight leg breaks right at your ankle, while jeans that are too long might cause extra bulk around this area.

Sloppy cuffs

Cuffing your jeans is a good trick if they’re too long for you or if you want to try a different style. However, cuffs should be even and neat. Experts recommend using the rule of thumb, meaning you can use your thumb as a makeshift ruler. First, place your thumb against the hem, and then roll them up twice.

Wrong rise

Jean rise (the length of the jeans from crotch to waist) plays an important role in how the pants will look on you. You should take your own unique body into account, considering the length of your torso, etc. before choosing a pair. Even high-rise jeans may have a waistline that is not high enough for a tall woman with a long torso. And if the rise is wrong, this can lead to camel toe, so it’s best to opt for another model.

Knee-high boots that are too tight

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First, it’s best to combine knee-high boots with skinny jeans only because baggy pants will wrinkle around your knees, distorting your silhouette. Second, opt for wide-calf boots. This will make your look more relaxed.

Jeans tucked into the boots

Jeans that fold over the of top your ankle boots don’t look really stylish. It’s best to opt for straight leg jeans or cropped skinnies that stop an inch or 2 above the top of your boots to make your look perfect.

Mid-rise jeans that have been pulled up to the waist

High-rise jeans have been in fashion for a few years because they look stylish and are comfortable to wear. However, if you have a favorite pair of mid-rise jeans, you can wear them too. But it’s not the best idea to try and pull them up to your waist and secure them there with a belt. Even if the difference between the waistline of your jeans and your own waist is just an inch, don’t do this because this may lead to a camel toe malfunction.

Wearing jeans that don’t flatter your body type

It’s not always a good idea to follow fashion trends blindly without taking your body type into account. For example, flared jeans should start flaring out at the level of your knees. But if the flaring is very wide and starts above the knee, this may make the legs shorter.

Jeans pulled down to the level of the hips

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If you pull down mid-rise jeans a bit, you might get a fashionable relaxed look. However, it’s not a very good idea to do because this trick can distort the proportions of any figure.

Skinny jeans that are too long

Cropped jeans are in fashion now, but skinny jeans that wrinkle around your ankles are a big no-no. To make your jeans a bit shorter, you can cut or cuff them.

Low-rise jeans combined with a cropped top

It’s best to avoid wearing crop tops and low-rise jeans together because this ensemble is almost uniformly sleazy looking. If you’re going to be wearing a top that shows your stomach, stick to high-waisted skirts or pants.

Flared jeans that are too short or too long

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The ideal length for the hem is 0.5 inch off of the floor. Anything too short will make your legs look wider, while anything too long will drown you.

Jeans that are too big

We often have the dilemma of not knowing if we’re buying the right size jeans. But experts recommend going for a smaller size between the 2 that fit you. Denim tends to stretch during wear, so jeans in a bigger size will stretch out around your waist pretty quickly.

The wrong shape of the back pockets

The shape and location of back pockets can significantly change the look of your body. Pockets that are placed at a wide distance from each other will make your hips look wider. And pockets that are placed high will make your legs visually longer and your back end curvier.

Wearing skinny jeans without a belt

Even though skinny jeans are seemingly out of fashion, this doesn’t mean you can’t wear them. It’s true that this type of jeans is not as trendy as it was 5 years ago, but you still can sport them, especially if you pair them with a belt. Belts are at the peak of popularity now, and this fashionable accessory will instantly make your look trendier.


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