10+ Tips for How to Choose the Perfect Jeans

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3 years ago

On average, women have 7 pairs of jeans in their wardrobes. Today, this piece of clothing has become truly universal. If you wear the right clothes with jeans, you can wear them to the theater or to a business meeting. But it’s often really hard to find the right model of denim — one that can hide the flaws and highlight the advantages of the body.

We at Bright Side have figured out what to pay attention to in the fitting room to make sure a pair of jeans will be used for years.

1. Size

If you try on jeans that are a bit narrow for you, don’t take them off right away. The thing is, jeans stretch and over time, and they will get bigger by about half a size. The waist and the upper back part will stretch — this is where the biggest tension is. If you are trying on jeans that are a bit loose, they will lose shape very soon and won’t look all that good.

How to tell the perfect jeans from those that are too small? Sit down in the chair in the fitting room: if the jeans make it difficult for you to breathe and move, the size is too small. If they are just a bit too tight but you can handle it, this is the perfect size!

2. Fabric

In good denim, you can see the threads intertwining — the diagonal lines. The outside part of the jeans has to be darker than the inside. The thing is, in denim, only the threads that are seen on the outside are dyed, this is why denim is lighter on the inside.

3. Metal parts

The zipper, buttons, and other elements should be made of metal (copper, aluminum, nickel, or brass). The metal parts are more durable and they are good for denim.

Make sure that the metal pieces are made well, that there are no defects on them, and that the zipper holds well when it’s up. Otherwise, you might have some embarrassing situations in the future.

4. Belt loops

We mean the loops that hold the belt. Usually, there are 5 belt loops, so that the belt support is optimal. Some companies, like Wrangler, add 2 more loops to their models.

If there are less than 5 belt loops, it’s better to not buy this model: the belt won’t be tight enough which is neither comfortable nor good-looking. The loops should be parallel to each other and well-made.

5. Pocket size

The back pockets should be proportional to the hip size or they will ruin the look of the body. If you have rather big hips, don’t buy jeans with small pockets, because your hips will look even bigger. And girls with smaller hips don’t need big pockets — as they will make the hips appear even smaller.

6. Distance between the pockets

If the distance between the back pockets is too wide, it will make the hips appear bigger than they really are. And if the distance is small, the hips will look smaller. You can use this trick to tweak the way your body looks. If you don’t need to use these illusions, choose the models with a moderate distance between the back pockets.

7. Label

The label can be made of leather or fabric. Embroidered or embossed writing and symbols are another sign of good-quality jeans, and labels can often feature information about the jeans. Pay attention to how well and firmly the label is sewed onto the jeans. If the seam is poorly-done, it’s better to look for a different model.

8. Distance from the lower seam to the fly

High-rise jeans usually have a big distance from the seam to the fly. They can change the visual proportions of the body and make the lower part of the body appear longer. To avoid this optical illusion, choose jeans with a moderate distance between the lower seam and the fly.

9. Color of the inside label

The label you find inside the jeans and similar products has to be white. If it’s red, green, or any other color, your new jeans will most likely lose their initial color after you wash them.

10. Belt

The belt can be curved or straight. A curved belt is a bit higher in the back than it is in the front. This construction allows for a better fit on the waist.

11. Color

Nowadays, there are all sorts of denim colors you can buy at a store. When you go into a store, think about why you need jeans. If you are looking for a model you can wear both to work and to a party, choose a darker color. According to stylists, these jeans always look more elegant and are reminiscent of pants. If you need everyday jeans, choose an indigo color variation.

12. Wrinkles

Designers often decorate some models with wrinkles or fading. You can see them in the groin or near the knees. Be careful: this decorative detail attracts attention. If you are not sure you want to draw attention to a certain part of your body, choose the jeans without wrinkles in this area.

What do you pay attention to when you are choosing jeans? Maybe, you have your own life hacks to help you buy the best model?

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I have only one brand that always sells the perfect jeans for me, no matter what model, they all sit perfectly on me :))


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