15 Mistakes Many Girls Make When Wearing Jeans

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2 years ago

Levi Strauss invented jeans in 1871. Since then this clothing item has gone through many transformations and has become an integral part of almost every person’s life all over the world. And our closets are likely storing at least 2-3 pairs of different styles.

We at Bright Side decided to figure out what mistakes we make most often when donning jeans and how to look like a million bucks in them.

Double denim in one color

Total-denim style outfits are trendy again and that’s why you can wear denim shirts and jackets with jeans. You don’t necessarily need to select the top and the bottom part according to their color. On the contrary, different hues will create a contrast and make your look brighter and more complex.

Straight-cut jeans in the wrong length

Straight-cut jeans are a universal wardrobe item. They are back to being trendy again and are extremely popular nowadays. The classic model of these jeans should reach the ankle. Pant legs that are too long can visually make legs appear massive, and even fat.

Unkempt cuffs

Cuffs in jeans are good when you have no chance to tailor pant legs that are too long or when you want to diversify their look. However, cuffs should be done neat and straight. It’s even recommended to place a thumb on the hem to be able to measure the equal distance for cuffs on both pant legs.

The wrong rise

The height of the rise, that is, the distance from the waist of the jeans to the seam between the legs, greatly affects how the item will look on the person. It is worth considering the peculiarities of the body, the length of the torso, etc. For example, even jeans with a high waist may have the insufficient height for a tall woman with a long torso. In this case, they will bulge in the wrong way between the legs, so that is why it’s better to look for another pair.

Narrow boots

First of all, it’s better to opt for skinny jeans or jeggings when tucking them into the boots. More loose models can create unbecoming folds on the knees. Second, you should opt for boots with a wide, slightly folded bootleg.

Pants tucked into ankle boots

Trouser legs should not overlap the tops of ankle boots or short boots. This ensemble will look better if the jeans end 0.4-0.8 in above the bootleg of your footwear.

Mid-waist jeans pulled over to the waist

High-rise jeans have been trendy for several years already — these models look stylish and are comfortable to wear. However, if you have a favorite pair of jeans with a mid-rise, you can don them too. But make sure to not pull them up to your navel and tighten them with a belt for a better fit. Even half an inch of this will create unbecoming folds between the legs.

A cut that doesn’t fit your body shape

You shouldn’t be blindly following trends, but instead taking into account the specifics of your body shape. For example, trendy flared jeans should be chosen so that the trouser leg starts to flare at the knee area. If the flare is too wide and starts from the hip, it can play a bad joke on shorter, curvy girls, while they will look great on tall and slim ones.

Jeans lowered to the hips

If you lower mid-rise jeans on your hips, you will get a trendy, casual oversize look. However, this is still not worth doing if you are not tall with the parameters of a top model. It’s because this can distort even a nice body shape.

Skinny jeans that are too long

Today, when cropped jeans are trendy, skinny jeans with a folded ankle part look a bit outdated and should be tailor-cut or cuffed.

Low-rise jeans together with a cropped top

It is advisable to combine a cropped top with high-waisted jeans, otherwise, you risk having a cheeky look. Even if you have a perfectly flat stomach, you need to understand where and when it is appropriate to show it.

Flared jeans in the wrong length

The ideal length of flared jeans is 0.5 inches above the floor. Shorter trouser legs can make your legs look fuller. While very long trousers legs will drag along the floor, get dirty, and appear unpresentable.

Jeans that are too big

When buying jeans, we oftentimes hesitate between 2 sizes. But experienced fashionistas know that it’s better to buy smaller ones. The fabric gets stretched out during wear, and jeans in a bigger size will hang and bulge at the waist.

Unbecoming back pockets

The shape and location of back pockets can change the body shape beyond recognition. Thus, wide-set pockets will visually make the hips wider. Highly sewn pockets will lengthen the legs, and the body shape will appear fuller.

Skinny jeans without a belt

Despite claims that skinny jeans are out of fashion, don’t rush to hide them deep in the shelves of your closet. Skinnies are not as popular as they were 5 years ago, but they can still be worn, especially if you emphasize your waist with a belt. Belts are at their peak in 2021, and this trendy accessory will make you look more modern.

What tricks are you aware of that will make jeans look their best?

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