15 Cheeky “Just Kidding” Moments the Universe Whipped Up

10 months ago

Get ready to be amazed as we recount 15 times when the universe decided to have some fun. From things looking alike unexpectedly to perfectly timed happenings, these stories will make you smile and wonder about the playful side of the universe.

1. “Got a Tide Pod with nothing in it.”

2. “Water forms ‘HA’ perfectly on my glasses after rinsing them.”

3. “Two, random, yet almost identical men.”

4. These 2 cars swapped doors.

5. “Matt is on both locks, but with different partners.”

6. “We found a stray dog and he mostly matches our carpet.”

7. “My transition glasses were left in the mesh pocket of my backpack.”

8. “A patch of my hair fell out 1.5 years ago and has grown back curly.”

9. “This car is painted to match the RV pulling it.”

10. “Saw this lemur at a local grocery store.”

11. “This tomato cluster in my grandfather’s garden has all the stages of growth of a tomato.”

12. “My cat has wide spaced eyes.”

13. “My grandma’s chickens had laid eggs that have white yolks.”

14. “My sister and I have the same birth mark, but opposite.”

15. “This facial hair compared to a normal one.”

The universe has a surprising sense of humor that can leave us chuckling. It loves to create unexpected connections and quirky situations that make us laugh at the delightful randomness of life. From bizarre coincidences to perfectly-timed oddities, the universe sure knows how to bring a smile to our faces.

Preview photo credit MoistKestrel / Reddit


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