15+ Examples That Prove the 2000s Were Too Hot and Too Wild

3 years ago

Fashionable things from the 2000s, which seem to have been filling store shelves recently, have almost sunk into oblivion. The young representatives of humanity may not even know about their existence, but today’s adults don’t just know — they lived to tell their story. In each of our photo albums from the 2000s, there are surely a couple of vivid photos, from a tan reminiscent of carrots to a skirt worn over jeans.

The Bright Side editorial team remembered these things that every woman wore 10-15 years ago. Be careful, some of these photos may cause an uncontrollable bout of laughter.

Sheer blouses were popular in the ’00s. They were worn together with tops and T-shirts.

Every woman had a tunic she wore with jeans or leggings. Especially bold people wore them as a separate clothing item, with nothing underneath.

And there are the famous cropped leggings that looked perfect with skirts and dresses. Well, let’s be honest, we even wore them with T-shirts.

We loved tucking our jeans into high boots.

And sometimes, we wore tank tops over T-shirts.

Do you remember the boom on jeans without pockets? You probably had a pair.

We wore belts under our chest. We don’t know why, because it didn’t accentuate the waist at all.

Some of us managed to wear a skirt over our trousers. Yes, these things also happened.

But dresses were worn this way more often.

The ’00s wouldn’t be the ’00s without the “smoked” tan.

Another trend that needs no introduction...

Instead of the cold blonde, the so-called chicken color was very popular.

And what about long straight bangs that hung into your eyes? The author of this article once did this hairstyle. Herself. With her grandmother’s scissors.

The most fashionable girls were those who wore a lipstick on their lips that was lighter than their skin color.

We tortured our hair with irons and curlers. Or we slept with a million braids at night. The effect we got the next morning was stunning.

And our lips had to be outlined with a pencil. Moreover, the pencil needed to be darker than our lipstick.

And face blush. A lot of face blush.

Admit which trend you know firsthand? Or maybe you even have some photos with your looks from the ’00s.

Preview photo credit Dave Hogan / Getty Images


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