15 Famous Women Who Became Even More Drop-Dead Gorgeous After 50

2 years ago

There is a common belief that men look only better with age, while women’s beauty fades away with their youth. The women featured in this article prove that this statement is not true, as they became even prettier after they entered their 50s.

Bright Side believes that a woman’s beauty has no expiration date and would like to prove it to you. If you thought Halle Berry looked good when she was young, you will be surprised to see how much better she looks now!

1. Melissa McCarthy

2. Sandra Bullock

3. Rachel Weisz

4. Gillian Anderson

5. Jessica Lange

6. Nicole Kidman

7. Viola Davis

8. Helena Bonham Carter

9. Lucy Liu

10. Meryl Streep

11. Jennifer Lopez

12. Jane Fonda

13. Angela Bassett

14. Jamie Lee Curtis

15. Halle Berry

Does being beautiful mean staying pretty on the outside or on the inside too?

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