15 Gifts With Packaging That Turned Out to Be More Exciting Than What Was Inside

3 years ago

Winter holidays help us discover hidden skills and talents, be it with house-cleaning, cooking, or wrapping presents. Some creative individuals manage to turn even the most trivial gifts into masterpieces. In such cases, this inspired packaging proves to be more interesting than the present itself.

We at Bright Side appreciate all things expressive and original. So today, we present you with 15 creations from people who transform the task of wrapping gifts into a special kind of art.

“I have a talent for wrapping gifts in misleading ways!”

“My grandma decorates wrapping paper with hand-drawn patterns!”

“I’ve just finished wrapping a gift for my sis. The outward shape is a ruse — there’s a necklace inside!”

“I guess this is the start of a new tradition. This year, I wrapped the presents in the colors of my favorite flags!”

“My wife’s present to me — whatever is inside, I hope it survives until tomorrow!”

“I’m finally done wrapping the present for my brother. He’ll sure be surprised to find it’s a toolset!”

“Each New Year, my brother and I compete to give the most difficult-to-open gift.”

“This time, I wrapped his present in concrete!”

“This Christmas, I used old maps as wrapping paper for the presents. Quite pleased with the results!”

“My idea of gift-wrapping a couple of concert tickets...”

“No wrapping paper on hand? No problem! I used cardboard grocery bags and metallic markers!”

“I bought my girlfriend’s parents a gift for Christmas and managed to wrap it like this!”

“Each year, I wrap the last present with the leftovers of other gifts’ wrappings.”

“Mom, are you proud of me now?!”

“These are my friend’s presents for his wife. The left package contains perfume, and the right one, a sweater.”

“I’m 23. I can rebuild a car engine from scratch and make unique spare parts for it. I can drive anything that has a steering wheel. But I’m really lousy at wrapping Christmas gifts!”

And what about you — do you like giving presents to your loved ones? Do you have any cool gift-wrapping tales to share?

Preview photo credit Battelalon / Reddit


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I'm so bad at wrapping gifts, I would never be able to even make a simple wrapping, not talking about making some shapes out of it 🤣


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