15 Haircuts That Almost Turned Pets Into Humans

3 years ago

Sometimes a little change in your appearance can completely alter your look. And, of course, this applies to our 4-legged friends as well. Pups in this article have been transformed into unbelievable creatures whose faces look more human than ever before.

We at Bright Side collected some of the best doggy haircuts that will surely remind you of somebody. Get ready to meet today’s heroes.

1. “I feel like he’s going to ask me for something.”

2. How to become a real lady:

3. “My dog got a haircut yesterday!”

4. “It was about time for a haircut. Maggie loves haircuts.”

5. His first haircut is something straight out of a movie.

6. “I can be a supermodel. Where can I fill out the application?”

7. One fancy haircut can change your appearance.

8. “Looks like someone isn’t happy with his new coiffure.”

9. “Is he wearing a fancy new coat? Oh, no! It’s his fur!”

10. A new haircut = a new dog

11. She looks like a movie star from the ’90s.

12. “Teddy has been working hard on his beard.”

13. From a fluffy doggo to a cute pup

14. “Kitzy looks like a character from a fairy tale!”

15. Meet a puppy with pigtails!

Which of these pups’ hairstyles did you like the most? How does your pet’s hair look? Please share their pictures in the comments!


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haha offence but this second dog has the "karen" hairstyle ??


I love this, it's so unique and makes them stand out from other dogs!


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