15+ Humans With Hearts More Precious Than Gold

2 years ago

As studies suggest, the secret to happiness is helping others, and we couldn’t agree more. It doesn’t matter if it’s small gestures, like giving food to stray animals or putting yourself at risk just to save another one. We can all find a way to make a mark on this world.

Bright Side is proud to present a group of people who did just that, and their memorable moves should be admired for years to come.

1. “My cousin was fishing and rescued this drowning deer.”

2. “My daughter collects toy donations for hospitalized kids who won’t be home for Christmas.”

3. “This gem of a human feeding the stray cat at my apartment complex and giving him an umbrella since it’s raining”

4. “We lost everything in a house fire 2 days ago. Our little neighbor did a lemonade stand to raise money for us.”

5. “I made this for a brain-damaged cat that kept running into things.”

6. “Boyfriend dislocated his shoulder saving our dog’s life from a pitbull attack.”

7. “My mom crochets and donated 31 blankets to sick children this year.”

8. “This dad on my bumpy flight cushioning his little girl’s head”

9. “His old legs don’t let him go on long walks anymore, so we helped cheer him up.”

10. “My mom at her one-hundred-thirty-second blood donation. She’s still going strong!”

11. “Every Christmas, my mom goes out and hands out envelopes with $20 cash in them to random strangers.”

12. “My dad saved this little guy the other day.”

13. “Found this lethargic bee on the hood of my car. I put sugar water on my finger and she didn’t want to leave!”

14. “This week, my friends cleaned garbage off the beach. I’m very proud of them.”

15. “My wife helped a cat out of a tree.”

16. “I give children free meals every Sunday.”

17. “My 8-year-old is painting pet portraits to raise money for the animal shelter.”

18. “I make tiny octopuses for tiny babies. Octopuses help them thrive.”

“The tentacles remind them of their umbilical cord and it keeps them calm.”

Which photo tugged at your heartstrings? What’s the most altruistic thing you’ve ever done?

Preview photo credit spruttegruppen.dk


I'm really surprised this deer let him touch him... then again he was dying so I really wonder how this animal reacted

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