15 Illusions We Still Can’t Wrap Our Heads Around

4 years ago

People with a good imagination always pick up on interesting details and if they manage to get a good shot, it will definitely be popular online, and users will try to guess whether it is a cruise or a cheesecake, a rock or a potato.

We at Bright Side love photos that are almost like riddles. You will need to look at these at least twice. Here is a new compilation for you. And as a bonus, you’ll find out how to take a cool shot.

1. You really want to go on a cruise if you didn’t see a cheesecake here!

2. “This snowman air bubble in my packet of soy sauce”

3. “This painted door at IKEA”

4. This rock that looks like a half-eaten potato

5. It is hard to tell that this motorcycle is made of balloons.

6. Cat cat

7. When you can’t go anywhere without your piano:

8. “I heard my wife yelling and I thought that something terrible had happened. But when I ran into the kitchen, she showed me this:”

9. Unbelievably realistic street art

10. The ice looks like frozen lakes in this picture.

11. A flower planter that looks like a snake, made from old tires

12. Fish out of water

13. The windows’ reflections make it look like the back of the building is missing.

14. These guys are not holding hands.

15. That is one huge seagull!

Bonus: How to take an amazing shot

Do you have photos that appear to show something different from what it really is?

Preview photo credit Matthew Burnside / Twitter


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That snake would scare me, It looks so real from far away


omg I actually thought 10 was a picture shot from the sky! (Please tell me it isn't) No matter how long I stare at it I couldn't figure it out before reading the title.. Guess I am just tired ?


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