15 Men Whose Crafty Hands Can Do Magic

3 years ago

Some men craft things for themselves, others make pieces for their children, and then there are those who try to fulfill the wishes of their wives. And when 3 important factors like time, desire, and a good mood all happen at the same time, true masterpieces come into this world.

Bright Side found some men whose hands are truly “golden.”

1. “My wife has wanted a big round dining table with a lazy Susan for years. Done!”

2. “They told me, ’Just hire someone,’ and ’You’ll never be able to do it,’ but I did!”

3. “For my first project as a new homeowner, I made a pergola for my wife and me! It’s my first time pretty much ever using a saw.”

4. “Made my wife a wedding ring out of stainless steel.”

5. “I made my girlfriend a desk for her thirtieth birthday.”

6. “My wife saw a photo of a bookshelf on Instagram and started to pout, saying, ’I want it! I want it!’ I have been dilly-dallying with doing it for a long time, but I finally did it.”

7. “My girlfriend is a big fan of Harry Potter. That’s why I created the most powerful magic wand made of elderberry for the New Year for her.”

8. “Tiled the front entrance the hardest way possible because the wife saw it on the Internet. You’re welcome, sweetheart!”

9. “I made a shelving unit for my mother-in-law.”

10. “I had a crib that I felt bad about getting rid of, but at the same time, we couldn’t use it as intended because our baby had already grown up.”

11. “My wife wanted a $3,000 dining table so I built it for her instead, even though I had no experience or any of the right tools.”

12. “Made a jewelry box for my girlfriend for Christmas.”

13. “I decided to make a watch strap for my wife. I’ve had this thought for a long time because a black silicon strap doesn’t look nice on a woman’s hand.”

14. “I saw a similar photo with the same kind of bench over the summer on the Internet. I liked it so I decided to replicate it. Here’s what I got!”

15. “This is the first desk I made for my wife who works from home. These are the before and after pictures of her office this year.”

Are there any people with crafty hands among your friends? Or perhaps you yourself are keen on handcrafting things as well. Let us know down below!

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"because a black silicon strap doesn’t look nice on a woman’s hand"...????


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