15+ Moments That Made People Scream Internally

year ago

From awkward social interactions to frustrating technical difficulties, there are plenty of moments that can make even the calmest person want to scream. And to prove this, we have more than 16 of these relatable moments that make people freak out on the inside. So take a deep breath and get ready to commiserate with some of life’s most infuriating moments.

1. Well, you never know what will happen.

2. “Luckily had no one sitting in my row for a 10-hour flight and then...this.”

3. “The vacuum came with the wrong country adapter.”

4. “Brought a book to read on the bus. All of the pages are out of order.”

5. “This cookie packaging has holes to leave crumbs everywhere you put it.”

6. “The kids left the remote on the heater.”

7. “Someone took a bite out of this donut at the supermarket.”

8. “Is my wife the only one?”

9. “My wife never finishes water bottles, just always grabs a new one.”

10. “People who just leave their stuff on a workout machine and disappear for 15 min...”

11. “This electric fan that’s locked to prevent further use”

12. “Found an insect floating in a can of peas.”

13. “Less than 24 hours after spending $400 to replace my car window it got broken into again.”

14. “Back started hurting after tennis in my new shoes.”

15. “Spilled red candle wax on my white bed sheets.”

16. “The hotel I stayed at last night said they provided free breakfast.”

Preview photo credit PrudentCardiologist2 / Reddit


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