15 Weird Coincidences That Played Tricks on Our Eyes

year ago

Occasionally, an optical illusion or a bizarre coincidence can leave us feeling disoriented. Those who possess an eye for these peculiarities may even begin to see faces in their cheese. Some individuals have shared these entertaining moments with others because they’re too amusing to keep to themselves. Check them out!

1. “A girl in my class looks like a dog at this angle.”

2. “The canine centipede”

3. “My dog looks like my knee.”

4. “This pile of trash got me gnomed.”

5. “I was greeted by an 8-legged deer this morning.”

6. “Where does my dog end and wife begin?”

7. “Pupper’s front legs melted into the hutch.”

8. “This massive seagull my dad snapped a picture of”

9. “It could be radiation.”

10. “Drivers in the mirror are more vicious than they appear...”

11. “Changed my daughter this morning. My wife walked in, saw the hamper, and nearly had a heart attack.”

12. “Microwave blending with the wall...”

13. “My mom managed to get this picture of our cat.”

14. “My cat and I, we get a long.”

15. “William’s got a large forehead.”

Preview photo credit owesome_apossum128 / Reddit


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