15+ Photos That Left Us More Confused Than Ever

2 years ago

Sometimes a simple trick of the eye, like a dog that seems to have no head or finding unexplainable coincidences, is enough to make our heads spin. If you have the eye for these oddities, you’ll soon start seeing faces in your cheese and appreciate how your partner’s toes perfectly line up. Some people have shared such moments with the world because they’re simply too amusing not to.

Because Bright Side really appreciates the rare and marvelous things in life, we’re sharing these carefully selected pictures with you to make you scratch your head in confusion.

1. “The headless doggo”

2. “Floating Pepsi”

3. “Another headless creature of some kind”

4. “This clean color spectrum on my floor right now”

5. “We visited the largest bench in Germany.”

6. “A bird’s eye view”

7. “Me trying to look like a Stranger Things cast member 30 years before it aired, circa 1976”

8. “This egg was laid without its shell.”

9. “Some paper jammed in my scanner and I accidentally created abstract art.”

10. “This cheese face is kind of interesting.”

11. “My girlfriend’s pumpkin developed a cute face, lol.”

12. “My laptop’s keyboard has an optical illusion where you can see dots between the keys.”

13. This is made from wood.

14. “This skull, nestled in the corner of a building”

15. “This floral pattern that formed in my freezer”

16. “These 2 unrelated people on my flight started watching the same movie at the exact same time.”

17. “The diffraction in these glasses makes lights cast rainbows.”

18. “This pear core looks like an owl.”

19. “This realistic chicken art in my hometown”

What is the biggest coincidence you’ve ever seen? Do you believe that coincidences happen for a reason?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE, right now. Meanwhile, we’ll be waiting!


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