14 Photos That Are Literally Screaming for Help

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“I used to stand before the mirror and look deep into my unhappy eyes, sigh and say, ‘Oh cruel fate!’ And in a few minutes, I felt a little bit better.” This is what Moominpappa used to say. Sometimes life presents us with challenges that are difficult to get through, and this practice can actually help.

Bright Side has prepared a collection of situations in which this small exercise could help us to look at the future with optimism.

1. Oh, no, no, no...

2. Well, now it’s pizza time!

3. Maybe rent will be a bit lower now?

4. When you aren’t careful enough:

5. This ice cream came without a cone.

6. Yes, these are peanuts in a Coca-Cola bottle.

7. My view from the top of Machu Picchu Mountain and what the view could have been:

8. At least they found what they were looking for.

9. Now I know what a bottomless cup of coffee looks like.

10. Just got to my therapy appointment. It seems to be off to a bad start...

11. Don’t blame him. He hasn’t finished the book yet.

12. Spice up your life!

13. “Our youngest son has a taste for irony.”

14. “I just built a new house for myself.”

Are you upset when you fail to do something or when unexpectedly bad days sneak up on you? Do you think Moominpappa’s advice can help with this? Share your stories with us!

Preview photo credit IsProbablyLying4 / Reddit


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Now, what’s wrong with number 9???? Besides it being in a plastic bottle and not a glass one. There is nothing wrong with this.


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