15 Movie Stars Who Couldn’t Stand Their Own Roles

4 years ago

Alec Guinness, known as Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Star Wars movie, once asked a fan, who had proudly said he watched Star Wars 100 times, to promise that he won’t watch it ever again. The actor wasn’t a fan of his character or of the franchise, and he is not alone.

Sometimes, for different reasons, actors have to play roles that they are not very proud of. Here at Bright Side we were surprised to hear this and now want to share some stories with you.

1. Robert Pattinson — Edward Cullen in Twilight

Robert Pattinson is probably the one who hates his own character the most. He says that he feels like he stopped progressing while he was doing the movies. The actor thinks that Edward himself, in all of his perfection, is ridiculous, and the more he read the script, the more he hated him.

2. Evangeline Lilly — Kate Austen in Lost

Evangeline Lilly confessed that at the beginning of the show that her famous character, Kate, was cool, but as the show went on, she was becoming more “predictable and obnoxious.” The actress didn’t like that from being an autonomous and interesting character with her own story, Kate has become someone who was “chasing 2 men around the island.”

3. Alec Guinness — Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars

“Apart from the money, I regret having embarked on the film,” — these are the words Alec Guinness wrote in his diary while shooting the world-favorite saga. It’s unbelievable for us as much as for you, but the actor wasn’t a fan of movies, thinking of them more as “fairy-tale rubbish.” He didn’t like the dialogues and the role of Obi-Wan because it made him feel old and out of touch with the younger generation.

4. Sean Connery — James Bond in James Bond movies

The role of James Bond brought Sean Connery money and fame, but he paid for it by being forever linked to him. Sean thinks that the character has never developed since the first movie and described his thoughts about him pretty clearly, saying that he has always hated James Bond and would like to kill him.

5. Halle Berry — Catwoman in Catwoman

Well, Halle Berry definitely wins an award for the actress who hates her role the most. She appeared and picked up her “Worst Actress” award herself for the role of Catwoman and thanked Warner Bros. for putting her into this “awful” movie in her speech.

6. Megan Fox — Mikaela Banes in Transformers

It is not that the actress really hates Mikaela, but she hates the way her character was depicted. She has said numerous of times that the movie isn’t about the acting, and Mikaela was sexualized. Fox says that the only instructions she was mostly getting from the directors of the movie were, “Be hot.

7. Blake Lively — Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl

Blake Lively highlights that she’s very different from Serena Van Der Woodsen, the character she’s probably most well-known for. She says that she wouldn’t be very proud to be someone like Serena and thinks that her character isn’t an example that girls should look up to.

8. Jamie Dornan — Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey

Jamie Dornan says that he is very different from his character Christian Grey. However he doesn’t blame his character for his obsession and stays liberal, the actor doesn’t think that Christian is the type of a person he would get along with.

9. Stephen Dillane — Stannis Baratheon in Game Of Thrones

Not only does Stephen Dillane not like his character, Stannis Baratheon, but he also doesn’t like the show (Game of Thrones), saying that it is too “brutal” and “hardcore” for him. The actor said that he couldn’t understand what was going on and what the scenes were about — the project and the role just weren’t for him.

10. Katherine Heigl — Alison Scott in Knocked Up

The actress confesses that it was hard for her to love the movies because she didn’t like how women were portrayed in it. She says that men are portrayed as loveable and funny and women — as humorless and uptight. Heigl wasn’t really fond of her character, calling her a “killjoy.

11. Jennifer Garner — Elektra in Elektra

The only reason why Jennifer Garner took on the role of Elektra was because it was in her contract as a Daredevil spinoff. Her friend Michael Vartan says that she called him and said that the movie was “awful.” It turns out that the actress had that opinion from the very beginning and it’s understandable why she doesn’t have any tender feelings toward the role either.

12. Jessica Alba — Sue Storm in Fantastic Four

Jessica Alba was very dissatisfied with working on Fantastic Four, and the way the director saw her character was very different from her own perception. This role and experience almost made her quit acting. She says that the director kept telling her not to make “that face,” to “cry pretty,” and to just keep her face flat because they will put the tears in later with CGI (computer-generated imagery).

13. George Clooney — Batman in Batman & Robin

George Clooney definitely regrets taking on the role of Batman in Batman & Robin. He thinks he ruined the whole franchise and continues to apologize for it every time.

14. Christopher Plummer — Captain von Trapp The Sound of Music

One of the USA’s most loved movies, The Sound of Music, was hated by Plummer so much that he often called it “The Sound of Mucus” and referred to it as “that movie.” He didn’t like his character either, saying that Captain von Trapp was boring and that trying to make him more interesting felt like “beating a dead horse.”

15. Joseph Gordon-Levitt — Tom in (500) Days of Summer

The actor’s perception of what his character is like was quite different from what many people see. Gordon-Levitt doesn’t like his character and thinks that Tom is selfish. He believes that he has the obsession with the girl and projects all of his personal expectations on her, even though she had already told him her position. Gordon-Levitt doesn’t think that Tom is a good guy and is concerned about the girls who think he is.

BONUS: Actors who can’t stand their own acting

Actors are pretty self-critical when it comes to their performance and often they really like their characters, but can’t stand how they played them. Surprisingly, Kate Winslet hates how she portrayed Rose in the iconic Titanic. She confessed that every time she sees her acting in the movie she thinks: “Really? You did it like that?” and would like to have the chance to do it again, but completely different.

Another harsh critic of his own performance is Daniel Radcliffe, who hates himself as Harry in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. He thinks that his performance in this movies is pretty poor and “one-note” and says that he couldn’t do what he wanted to.

Do you agree with the actors? Which of the stories did you find the most surprising? Let us know what you think in comments.


That's very weird. I really like Batman by George Clooney and I don't think he spoiled the character, not at all
Ehh, I was so annoyed by Mikaela from Transformers when I watched the movie..
Robert Pattinson is not the only one who hates Edward. I also found this character pathetic

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