15 People Proved That There’s a Lot of Space in Life for Witty Ideas

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Our brains have a unique ability to seek and find patterns, psychology says. This means that if we develop a habit of acting in a certain way, we will most likely stick to this way every time. However, sometimes people find unexpectedly clever solutions to ordinary things, and the result turns out to be nothing short of a masterpiece.

We at Bright Side made a compilation of people who know nothing about ordinary decisions and want to share them with our readers.

1. “This gentleman wanted his first tattoo. He and his wife were in their sixties but couldn’t have been more young at heart.”

2. “This is art from my kid. Medium consisted of wasabi paste, soy sauce, pickled ginger, and rice.”

3. “Someone paid me $5 in mini bundles of dimes today.”

4. “I’m teaching in a Vault Dweller costume on Fandom Day for a cancer research fundraiser today!”

Note: Vault Dweller is a character from the Fallout video games.

5. “My girlfriend puts our mouthwash in this cool bottle that makes it look like a mana potion.”

6. The wittiest way to store a fire extinguisher

7. “A precious character visual left behind by the previous owner in my copy of Macbeth

8. “Happy Easter! I’m an Uber driver in Toronto. I decorated my accessible van for my passengers.”

9. “This street art that uses drainage holes as part of the drawing”

10. “There’s a vending machine for tools where I work.”

11. “Turned a painting into a shirt.”

12. “These parking lot ’lines’ at a museum”

13. “Restored an old television with a Smart TV in it.”

14. “My best friend and I work together. When I’m off and he’s on, I sometimes like to pack him lunch.”

15. “This hair dye job is awesome!”

When was the last time you witnessed a witty solution to an ordinary situation?

Preview photo credit nick_wons / Reddit


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