15 People That Are Unlikely to Buy Anything Online Any Time Soon

3 years ago

In today’s world, you can order food, clothes, accessories, and even air from a different country. The feeling when you open the package is like when you get a present for Christmas or your birthday. However, there might be some unpleasant surprises when it comes to online shopping.

We at Bright Side are keeping our fingers crossed for you. We hope you never get packages with awful surprises like these inside.

Not all unicorns are the same.

“I think I got scammed on this purchase?”

Disco pants

“Amazon sent me a block of wood instead of my 16GB RAM.”

“Got an Amazon package with a partially used pack of gum included.”

“Ordered my dog a big pool where she could swim. She’s not impressed.”

“Sender claimed the boots looked different than the picture because of the...’lighting.’”

The dog is sad.

“Maybe, there were different kinds of dinosaurs...”

“Just a little difference...”

“Left to right: what I ordered, the box it arrived in, and the item inside the box”

“The sizing table might be slightly off...”

“100% cotton botanical print vs 80% polyester kid’s drawing”

The plant lost weight.

This seal has been through a lot...

Have you ever received something you bought online and been surprised at how different the reality was from your expectations? Tell us about your online shopping experience in the comments!

Preview photo credit BestoEsto / Reddit


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