19 Popular Things From the ’90s That Are Hard to Find Today

4 years ago

In the times when there was no internet or social media, children and teenagers tried to entertain themselves in any way they could. They played all sorts of games outside, woke up in the middle of the night to feed the Tamagotchi, and played PlayStation 1. The modern generation probably doesn’t even know some of the words in this article, but the hearts of millennials will skip a beat when they see these photos.

We at Bright Side decided to give you a rush of nostalgic emotions and remind you about the legendary things everyone who lived in the ’90s and 2000s remembers.

1. “This is how old I am.”

2. If you were young in the 90s, you remember the smell.

3. “Found this old guy and the cartridges cost $27 now.”

4. “Remember this doll house? It had a doorbell and a dog that barked. It could fold in half and you could carry it around.”

5. “When they ask me how old I am, I show them this photo.”

6. This dancing and singing fish was in almost every house.

7. And then the powder was all over the room.

8. It’s hard to forget the sound these things made.

9. “Was cleaning out some old boxes and look what I found.”

10. Beach ball from McD’s, circa 1987

11. A lot of families must have had these hooks for clothes.

12. This was the thing in elementary school before yo-yos.

13. Who had a set up like this?

14. Dogs from McDonald’s: They could move, light up, and play music.

15. Old school fidget spinner

16. Remember these pencil lead containers?

17. Growing up without the internet

18. Need help?

19. “Went through some old things and found these. Now, our kid plays with them.”

What things from your childhood made you smile and tear up? Tell us about them or share your photos in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit Scaulbylausis / Reddit


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Every time we went to amusement park with my parents, they ought me such magnets.. and I lost them almost the next day ?


not a single computer game made me feel so much fun and adrenaline than Space Cadet :D


I still one of the laser from number 1. I used to play with it bothers cats haha


The dogs from McDonald's were my favorite! I used to have a lot of those ?


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