15 People That Made Intriguing Finds While Traveling With Google Maps

3 years ago

You never know when a Google car will zoom down the street, taking a photo of you and saving it on its map forever. And if you didn’t have a chance to pose gracefully for the entire world, at least you can laugh at the result.

We at Bright Side have collected the most interesting screenshots Internet users have found on Google Maps. And in the bonus section, we’ll tell you about a person who spent his own money to make sure his country appeared on Google Maps.

The road smiles at you.

Google sees everything!

“Yes, Google that’s exactly how bridges work!”

A really weird place in Texas

“Are you okay, friend?”

“When you park your car just right”

Someone is very critical about this place.

“Today, I found another plane that landed in — Antarctica?”

When you see Home Alone 2: Lost in New York in real life:

“Google Street View censored this cat for his privacy.”

“A flying rabbit caught on Google Maps”

“Zoom, zoom more, and then...”

“Some awesome lenticular clouds I found on Google Maps (in the Kamchatka Peninsula)”

You can see this many cats every day!

“Found a rare front dual-wheeled Jeep. Must be a big engine!”

Bonus: Tawanda Kanhema spent $5,000 so that his country appeared on Google Maps.

Zimbabwe wasn’t fully represented on Google Maps and this seemed unfair to 37-year-old Tawanda Kanhema. He returned from the US and spent 2 weeks filming the local sights so that people all around the world could see them. He posted the business area of Harare, the city of Mutare, created a tour around the Victoria Falls, and the ruins of Great Zimbabwe.

Do you know what the streets of your town look like on Google Maps? Have you ever found anything interesting in them?

Preview photo credit fourhourtarget / Twitter


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Totally laughed on "Zoom, Zoom more and...." picture. the gif is a lil slow, but totally worth it. Poor guy was probably sleeping and woke up to Google Maps drone buzzing alone and he's like wtf???


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