15 People Who Are the Definition of Confidence

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It might take years of practice to learn how to accept your body. It seems like there’s always “room for improvement,” and even the smallest achievements might still not be enough. However, sometimes you’ve got to let go and focus on other things, just like these 15 people who chose to fully experience the greatest moments in their lives, not caring about what other people think.

1. “No longer afraid of what people will say about my body hair”

2. “25y / MtF September 2020 — May 2023 (31 Months HRT)”

3. “I’ve never let anyone take pictures of me in a swimsuit. I’m tired of not having photos of myself doing amazing things.”

4. “Natural light, natural body”

5. “My dad still calls me his son, but estrogen says otherwise.”

6. “Meeting and greeting with sun, sand and ocean this morning!”

7. “Texture. Is. Normal! Forehead texture is not wrinkles. Pores on the cheeks are fine. Your skin has texture and that’s okay!”

8. “I’m slowly making progress on getting my confidence back and accepting my new life and body.”

9. “Armpit hair looks good!”

10. “Nearly 2 years on T”

11. “No makeup because I have to remember that’s not required to be a woman.”

12. “Don’t mind me, I’ll just be living in this dress all summer.”

13. “Went to a space-themed dance party last night.”

14. “I rarely wear dresses this tight, but I may wear it out.”

15. “It’s never too late to be your authentic self.”

Preview photo credit Adora-bubblez / Reddit


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