15+ People Who Don’t Need a DNA Test to Prove They Share the Same Blood

3 years ago

It’s been said that each individual is born different but some people on the Internet have us convinced otherwise. With daughters looking like an exact copy of their mothers and sons being unbelievably similar to their fathers, it’s almost as if these people were born with time-traveling abilities or some sort of magic.

We at Bright Side are surprised at how powerful genes actually are and would like to share some interesting comparisons with our readers.

1. “A friend of mine took this picture at a clinic — a rare condition that was passed from mother to daughter.”

2. There’s a difference of 65 years between these photos. Like grandpa, like grandson.

3. “My old man and me at the same age, 35 years apart. This is him in 1953 and me in 1988.”

4. “I look a whole lot like my grandmother.”

5. “My baby brother and our grandfather (1948)”

6. “My father when I was born and me when my son was born — about 32 years between the pics”

7. “My husband at 18 months and our son at 15 months”

8. “Grandson and grandad, 50 years apart at the same age”

9. “My dad in 1963 and my brother over 50 years later — the genes are strong in us.”

10. “My son and his father, 40 years apart”

11. “My mother and my niece, side by side”

12. “My dad holding me circa 1987 vs me holding my son in 2020”

13. “I don’t think I got any genes from my dad’s side — my mom and me at the same age.”

14. “Noticing a few similarities between my great uncle and me...”

15. “I think it’s safe to say that my father has some pretty strong genes.”

16. “5 years on, half-face comparison of my daughter and me”

Who do you resemble more, your mom or your dad? Do your kids reflect your genes? Share your photos with us in the comments!


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Damn they look so similar :o there are some where I could swear it's just the same person


Ok wow! Most of the times articles like this have like 3 / 20 people that actually look similar but this one is just spot on ... no words


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