15 Pictures That Will Instantly Boost Your Faith in Humanity

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The world is filled with moments of selfless kindness and acts of charity that keep all of us going. From helping out those less fortunate to rescuing animals and even putting a smile on a stranger’s face, any small act can have a big impact on others. Some people become shining examples of compassion that keeps this world running.

Bright Side found the acts of these people extremely inspiring, so we’re sharing them with you in hopes of encouraging others.

1. “A McDonald’s employee helped a disabled man eat his ice cream.”

2. “I just flew 20 hours across the world to surprise my dad at his sixtieth birthday party!”

3. “My 2 year old when her mother and I walked into her daycare 3 hours early with a cake, wearing party hats and singing happy birthday.”

4. “Rural Wisconsin ditches now contain 16 fewer bags of trash than they did before.”

5. “I completed my five-hundredth donation at Canadian Blood Services.”

6. “A Subway branch in the Philippines practices inclusive employment policies by hiring deaf employees and teaching customers how to interact with them.”

7. “I love my neighbors, man is good.”

8. “Free haircuts for the homeless in Center City, Philly”

9. “My Amazon delivery driver noticed we had a puppy.”

10. “Helping make gardening accessible for all, here are raised garden beds for those with disabilities.”

11. “My dad saved a kitten from a glue trap at work.”

12. “Happy spring!”

13. “A mom and pop restaurant selflessly feeding those who can’t afford to feed themselves”

14. “Happy because after 3 years, these siblings have grown happy and healthy. ”

15. “Little free pantries are popping up in my town.”

What’s a random act of compassion you have done or witnessed that still inspires you to this day? How has someone made your day better lately? Share it with us.

Preview photo credit DrLeoMarvin / Reddit


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