15 People Who Got Lucky and Saved So Much Money

6 months ago

When we come across vintage items, our imaginations instantly light up with thoughts of their possible worth. The allure of these objects lies in their age and the stories they hold, which can make them quite valuable. But here’s the exciting part: now and then, you might stumble upon incredible gems selling for a couple of dollars at yard sales or thrift stores!

1. “Little stained glass peach I got for $1 at an estate sale.”

2. “$3.99 for this gorgeous 1950s tooled leather bag.”

3. “Flea market find. Marked 14k, and I only paid $4. It was in a big box of random, mostly Monet, costume jewelry.”

4. “I found this adorable desk and chair today for $30!”

5. “I found this beautiful vintage Jean Paul Gaultier coat for $8 at a dusty old thrift store.”

6. “Scored this great mirror for $2.”

7. “Found a Polaroid at the thrift store for $2!”

8. “Great turn of the century mission oak rocking chair with side sewing drawer. Great find at $25.”

9. “$6 handmade leather purse, with accents of the best season! Win win!”

10. “$1200 La Pavoni Europiccola espresso maker for $6.50 at Goodwill. My coffee dreams have now been fulfilled.”

11. “Found this watch at a flea market. I figured it was worth 5 bucks. Once you pull the movement out, the total weight was 22.1 G. It turned out to be 14-karat gold.”

12. “Found the bike of my dreams! All she needed was some new tires and a wash, $10!”

13. “Found my wedding dress this week at Goodwill for $80. Had $1500 tags on it.”

14. “Found this unmarked 18k gold bracelet for $5.”

15. “Found this vase at Goodwill for $7 today. Turns out it’s high-end art glass worth 50x what I paid!”

Some people seem to have a sixth sense of spotting the most unique items out there. Whether it’s a rare vinyl record, a vintage Givenchy dress, or an antique, their luck in finding these treasures is truly remarkable.

Preview photo credit Chelseas777 / Reddit


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