15 People Who Got Tricked Online and Decided to Share

2 years ago

The internet is an amazing place indeed. We can learn new things, catch up with friends and family, and even work from the comfort of our bed. But most importantly, all our dream purchases are one click away. While online shopping may be convenient and fast, it’s not without its cons since you don’t really know what you’ll get until you get it.

Many E-shoppers have been bamboozled online. That’s why Bright Side collected 15 online shopping fails you mostly haven’t seen before.

1. Thank you internet.

2. Spot the ten differences.

3. " When you order a spooky shark costume online."

4. “Bought my girlfriend a pillow of myself for when she went to university. Didn’t work out as I’d hoped.”

5. “Tried to order my dad a DIY functional engine kit for Christmas.”

6. “Fair enough.”

7. “What I ordered vs what I got.”

8. I have experienced many shopping fails before but this one hurts the most.

9. " I should have known."

10. She ordered a glove and what she got is a broken frame.

11. “What I bought vs what I got.”

12. “Ordered 2 of these shoe cabinets online, second image is everything that arrived!”

13. “Looks like Freddy Krueger’s distant cousin Eddie.”

14. The chandelier size you expect vs the chandelier size you get.

15. “Labyrinth... just a worm.”

Which one was tricked the most in your opinion? Tell us if you have been a victim of “catfishing” when shopping online and what items you are hesitant to purchase online.

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Preview photo credit pokebikes/ Reddit


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