15+ People Who Nailed Inconvenience Like a Boss

2 years ago

Getting annoyed because something doesn’t work properly may be a familiar feeling for all of us. This list will have you saying, “Well, that’s genius!” That’s because, yes, these people managed to hack their way through life. From easily fixing a family photo to styling a broken or a missing nail, these tricks of the trade made their lives so much better.

Here at Bright Side, we’re absolute fans of simple yet witty solutions, and we’d love for you to take a look at some of them. And don’t miss out on the bonus with an outstanding example of clever advertising design.

1. A fun way to put on your child’s sunscreen without getting your hands icky.

2. “Came across a 10-year-old photo that had my brother’s ex-wife and my ex in it. Instead of deleting it, I ’fixed’ it.”

3. “No air? Just use a PVC elbow.”

4. “Got tired of fighting with the dip, so I designed a bowl with an inward fold.”

5. “My daughter wanted a fort. I was feeling lazy.”

6. “Fixed a problem today, and I feel like a genius.”

7. “My girlfriend set up this ironing board as a work-from-home desk, and I think she’s a genius.”

8. “Facetimed my Playstation so I could play in the bath.”

9. “Egg prep for camp — a simple solution that saves space.”

10. “No pasta drying rack? No problem. Wrap clothes hangers in plastic wrap and hang them from the cabinets.”

11. “Found a better use for my ice maker... a frozen candy dispenser!”

13. “My wife’s solution to all her tank tops taking up too much room in the closet”

14. “The person responsible for food at this party is simply genius.”

15. “My dad’s shirt got splattered with bleach, so he decided to fix it with more. I found it adorable.”

16. “My wife nailed it with the custom-painted dresser for our son’s room.”

17. “Delivered a package this morning. I think I nailed it.”

18. “My girlfriend was born without a nail on one finger. Here’s how she styles her nails.”

Bonus: This design deserves a round of applause.

What is a hack that you’ll likely be using yourself? What was your own solution for dealing with things that irritated you because they weren’t practical?

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