15+ People Who Prove Our World Is Totally Unpredictable

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Sometimes people’s actions are quite unpredictable, as they don’t know what they’re going to do next until they make it happen. But the reality is way more complicated than that. And many other things are discovered by the sheer force of an accident. Combined with the creativity every human being is capable of, it all may become a truly surrealistic piece of art.

1. “There was a bolt in my fast food sandwich, and it broke my tooth.”

2. “For the whole flight...”

3. “They both look like they know they’re doing something they aren’t supposed to.”

4. “A Brixton Station statue looking like a standing man”

5. “My college senior book didn’t use the correct name for this person.”

6. “It works fine.”

7. “Walmart at its finest.”

8. “The nut that defeated its nemesis”

9. “They were talking on TV about Alys, the cat we adopted 7 months ago! We got to see where she came from!”

10. “A bird nearly pooped on my niece.”

11. “Back in April, my pants got caught on a metal piece in the escalator and somehow I was unharmed.”

12. “A customer managed to grab this plush in our claw machine today, and this is what happened when it went to drop down the shoot.”

13. “A fish caught by a jellyfish who was caught by the tide”

14. Seems like the cat had a secret life.

15. “This entrance sign looks like a ’Do Not Enter’ sign.”

16. “Back home today, seeing this”

17. “I saw a guy walking his duck in Grand Central today.”

18. “This keeps happening to her.”

Has anything truly unpredictable ever happened in your life? What was it, and why did it catch you so off guard?

Preview photo credit David-Allan-Poe / Reddit


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