15 People Who Purchased Unusual Things and Couldn’t Be Happier

3 years ago

Sometimes spontaneous purchases turn out to be the best and longest-lasting ones. The people from this article went even further with this: buying things you can hardly find in stores or online.

We at Bright Side think that the best purchase is not the most popular or the rarest item, but the one that brings the most joy to its owner.

“I bought a red washing machine. My friends were surprised, while the store manager was saddened, because he wanted to keep it for himself.”

“We bought a Masonic Temple with a sealed safe — banana for scale.”

“Told my dad to buy a shirt that suits me, and he bought this...”

“Just do it. Tomorrow...”

“Now I’ve got a new shelf for my plants.”

“My friend just bought this car. It’s a ’38 something with an incredible V8 dropped in it.”

“This transparent tent with a sunset view of Mount Rainier”

“I bought my 14-year-old brother a telescope and this is his first picture taken on an iPhone!”

“I bought this dress as a very adult and practical birthday gift for myself.”

“I’m 30 years old, and bought a tent for movie nights. My cats decided it is no longer my tent.”

“Fridge magnets! I couldn’t resist and bought all of them.”

“So, I bought my Mom’s dog booties today.”

“My girlfriend bought me these amazing Star Wars wooden spoons.”

“Just bought my first longboard at 36. I haven’t ridden since 17. Too old? Who cares?!”

“I just bought these at a flea market, they’re salt and pepper shakers.”

“Look at this dog bed I bought online!”

Do you have a story or a photo of an extraordinary purchase that amused you the most?


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