15 People Who Transformed Old Clothes Into Stylish New Outfits

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Between 4.8 to 12.7 million metric tons of plastic trash enter the ocean every year, claimed a 2015 study. To fight the rise of pollution, many of us do our best to recycle or even upcycle what we own. And the latter seems to be extremely popular among those with sewing skills. On Reddit, people share how they turn worn-out jackets into baby clothes or pajamas into dresses in an act that breathes new life into what would otherwise become trash.

1. “Someone threw out barely worn shirts, and I turned one of them into my new master’s outfit.”

2. “From pajamas to a party dress”

3. “Thrift flipped this embroidered sailboat dress, and I love it.”

4. “I transformed the ’80s dress into an Autumn mini dress.”

5. “I upcycled a thrifted blouse and lace scraps into a silk lace cami.”

6. “Upcycled an old suit jacket and curtains for my daughter. I love everything about it.”

7. “I upcycled a thrifted men’s polo into a 2-piece set.”

8. “Turned my boyfriend’s tuxedo shirt into a cute top.”

9. “I flipped a red corduroy dress I got in a thrift store.”

10. “I found this old Eddie Bauer corduroy dress at the thrift store near my house.”

11. “Sweater not worn since 1996 and a zipper from an old bag equals wool overalls for my kid.”

12. “If I had to make this top and pants from scratch, it’d probably take me about a week and a half as opposed to 2 hours of upcycling.”

13. “My first sewing project!”

14. “Flannel dress to 2-piece set”

15. “I made a Bridgerton-inspired bustier from a vintage silk blouse.”

What do you usually do with clothes you don’t wear anymore?

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