15+ People Whose Ancestors Seem to Have Been Aliens

3 years ago

Our body is astonishing, but there are times when, in rare ways, it can surprise us all. There are people born with an extended iris, while others have marble-like eyes. In the end, it seems like our DNA likes to play tricks on us and make us look a bit different from others — so much so that we might even end up questioning our past.

People on the internet shared their body’s special and unique differences and Bright Side wants to share them with all of you.

1. “My belly button sticks out through my shirts.”

2. “Born with a condition that gives him hypermobile joints and stretchy skin.”

3. “I was born with extended iris.”

4. “I have a heart on my head, a birthmark!”

5. Marble like eyes...

6. “I have one really, really small stub of a toenail.”

7. “I was born with two different colored eyebrows and eyelashes.”

8. “I’ve had crooked pinkies since birth.”

9. “My left ear missing the ‘rolled hem’ that my right ear has.”

10. “I have a short ring finger and it looks like I have 2 pinkies.”

11. “My son has symmetrical hair whorls which go in opposite directions.”

12. Born with a rare condition, sectoral heterochromia

13. “2 of my toes are fused on both feet.”

14. “I was born with only a thumb on my left hand. It took me 38 years to think of this tattoo idea.”

15. “My friend was born with only 4 toes on her left foot.”

16. “I have really tiny pinkies. Usually, a pinkie goes up to the third knuckle. Mine barely reaches the second.”

17. “My deformed ear. Born with it. I can hear fine out of my other one though.”

Do you have a different body part? Do you know someone born with one?

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I really like that hand tattoo haha, I love it when people have this type of humor where they laugh their problems away

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