15+ People Whose Pain We Feel Even Through Photos

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Every time we see unfortunate incidents, we can’t help but smile and look the other, more positive, way. Having a good laugh out of these kinds of moments is a good solution to smile them away and move on with the rest of the day.

1. “Just morning rush things”

2. “I guess the secret word is ’open sesame.’”

3. “My favorite part is that he appears to be trying to save some of the paint.”

4. “My mom confronted her coworker about how she parked on top of her car. But she claimed that there’s space between.”

5. “But it’s so cute, I’d forgive him.”

6. “One of the salsa bags in this box exploded.”

7. “I put it on the counter and my cat knocked it over, trying to get by.”

8. “I didn’t need coffee anyway!”

9. “Stepped on some queso to get something on the market shelf.”

10. “Cheese curd disaster”

11. “Forgot to put my mug on the stand — a great way to start the day.”

12. “I finished rolling my silverware after an 11-hour shift, only to have the drawer break and fall to the floor.”

13. “It’s 4:30 AM. I was woken up by my stomach and realized this too late.”

14. “These are only a few months old, the charger already broke.”

15. “They forgot to add the chocolate to my hot chocolate.”

16. “I dropped my cologne and it broke my toilet accidentally.”

17. “I guess I can’t go in now since my key broke.”

18. “My wife forgot she was making breakfast this morning.”

Do you have any epic fails you want to share? Tell us in the comments if you ever experienced something that made your day go sour.

Preview photo credit mikolokoyy / Reddit


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