15 People Whose Wholesome Actions Turn Us Into a Ball of Emotions

2 years ago

Witnessing a truly endearing moment is the fastest way for us to recharge with positive energy. No matter what problems we may be facing in life, there’s nothing quite like seeing an act of selfless love or someone’s reaction to a surprise. Luckily for everyone, people now often take to the Internet to share heartwarming photos and stories.

Bright Side rounded up a few images that touched us to the core. Grab a tissue!

1. “My mother enjoying a moment of fresh air during a long stay at the hospital”

2. “The moment I saw my beautiful wife in her wedding dress — she took my breath away.”

3. “My grandma’s reaction to the ’small’ stromboli she ordered”

4. “My brother’s reaction when he saw a peacock”

5. “Today is my daughter’s fourth birthday. I bought her a cupcake. This was her face.”

6. “My 88-year-old grandma when I asked her how it feels to have been given birthday balloons for the first time”

“When she finally said something, she sang out, ’I am the HAPPIEST!’”

7. “My grandmother is dogsitting for the day. This is how we found them.”

8. “My dad fell asleep putting my sister to bed.”

9. “I taught my granddaughter how to make fish lips.”

10. “’Take my hand, I’ll show you...’ My son is teaching his little sister how to walk with his wheelchair.”

11. “Caught my brother playing Battleship with our cat.”

12. “I was showing the new tenants around my old house. Their son really wanted my Darth Vader toy, so I gave it to him.”

13. “My daughter has been learning how to knit, and I came home to this.”

14. “A moment I caught between my daughters”

15. “My wife after being away for 8 days”

When was the last time you saw something wholesome? Make sure to leave your own tale in the comments!

Preview photo credit tnick771 / Reddit


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