15+ Personal Tips That Could’ve Saved Us Tons of Grief If We’d Known Them Earlier

3 years ago

We can never learn too many life hacks. They’ve shown us that there’s always a simpler way to complete our daily tasks. After all, broken glass is the hardest to clean, especially the smallest pieces, and removing bad smells like onion and garlic has been a challenge. But not anymore since you have all the tips that will help you handle these everyday issues.

This time, Bright Side made sure to find especially useful tips that you won’t need to invest a dime in.

1. Apple packaging works great for new seedlings.

2. The same thing goes for egg packaging.

3. Shoveling snow faster

When shoveling the snow, it can get annoying when the snow sticks onto the shovel. There’s a very useful and simple hack for this. Just coat the shovel with car wax. This way, clumped, frozen snow won’t stick to it and you’ll finish your task faster.

4. Use your pet’s favorite treat to make them look at the camera.

5. Sweeping broken glass

When glass gets broken it’s especially important to clean even the smallest pieces. After all, the smallest ones can be the most dangerous. Since dustpans can’t gather everything, just tape the front with blue painter’s tape. This way, all the pieces will get cleaned.

6. Starting a fire without a liquid fire starter

The best way to start a fire is to use dryer lint. Stuff an empty toilet paper roll with lint. The lint is easily flammable while the toilet paper roll will keep the flames steady and safer to start the fire.

7. Use letter trays for more space in the freezer.

8. Adjusting to light

Close one eye before turning on or off the lights in a room. This will help your eyes adjust to the light changes faster. No more squinting your eyes to see better in the dark.

9. Parsley helps neutralize smells.

One of the benefits of parsley is its ability to neutralize the bad smell in your mouth. So after eating garlic or onion, chew on parsley and those unbearable smells will be gone.

10. Use skewers if you don’t have a cooling rack.

11. Cool down fast, even in the hottest weather.

If you’re feeling hot, run cold water on your wrists for a few minutes and it will cool you down quickly. This is due to the pulse points and the blood vessels located in your wrist area. On the wrists, they’re closer to the surface, so running cold water on this spot helps with cooling down.

12. Check if someone is giving you the right phone number.

If you suspect that someone is not giving you the correct phone number, read it back to them incorrectly. If they correct you then it’s legit.

13. Stabilize racks in the dishwasher if the locking mechanism doesn’t work.

14. Unshrink a shirt

If your shirt shrinks, fill a bowl with cool water and add 1/4 cup of hair conditioner. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then take the shirt out. Layer it on towels and start stretching it gently from the edges. In no time, the shirt will be restored to its normal size.

15. Increase the chance of getting your lost wallet back.

Place a baby pic inside of your wallet. This way, there’s a higher chance that you’ll get your wallet returned if lost.

16. Keep sunlight in your room but your laptop in the shade with the help of a box.

17. Keep your plastic container odor-free.

Add a pinch of salt in a plastic container that you’re currently not using. This will prevent it from getting stinky.

18. Use extra headphone buds as stoppers.

Which hack did you find most useful? Do you have your own hack that you’d like to share with all of us?

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