15 Pets Whose Lives Changed Tremendously Thanks to a Loving Family

3 years ago

Not all animals are lucky enough to have owners and receive proper care. They have to overcome many hurdles until they find someone who will truly love them. And that’s what makes seeing the difference between the first day they were adopted compared to a year later so very precious. Thinking about such progress makes us believe that in the end, friendship and love are all we need.

For us at Bright Side, seeing animals living their best lives will always be enjoyable. By the time you’re finished reading this article, you’ll run to hug your pet and tell them how much you appreciate them.

1. “It’s almost a year to the day since my friend brought home a kitten from a rescue center, so she decided to recreate the first picture she took of him.”

2. “Happy one-year adoption day to Philip! I’m so proud of how far he’s come!”

3. “My Apollo when I found him vs giving him lots of love, food, and kisses”

4. “My little Luna before and after — she’s so strong!”

5. “My girl Charity, 6 months apart — the change still stuns me.”

6. “This is Max. He went from a tiny cup filled with anxiety to a 5-gallon tank with a friendly snail named Toby.”

7. “I brought home a very sick 2-week-old puppy, doubting he would even make it through the night.”

8. “This is a before and after of Walter. It’s pretty apparent how far he’s come in a year since we got him.”

9. “He was a baby when we caught him in a mall parking lot. He’s going to be 7 this year.”

10. “Before and after Bella’s transformation!”

11. “This was Hector the day we brought him home in 2017 and a year later in 2018.”

12. “The day I picked up Ivy, she was overwhelmed and skittish. Now she enjoys forest runs and being with a select set of humans.”

13. “Anemic, a horrible flea allergy, and a bad mouth infection — now he’s obsessed with cheese and sleeping on the couch. Meet Gobby!”

14. “Got him from someone who was neglecting him. He didn’t even have the energy to stand. Now Felix is a very happy boy and loves to run around!”

15. “Anzu on the first day I got her vs Anzu today”

Did these 15 stories inspire you to run out and adopt a new pet? Do you have an adopted pet? Please share their photo down below, we’d love to see it!

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