15+ Photos of Coincidences That’ll Make You Go Woah

2 years ago

Once in a while it’s nice to be completely thrown off guard by a funny coincidence. Some people take them very seriously, believing that they are a sign that the Universe is trying to send them a message. Some, on the other hand, don’t read much into them. Either way we cannot deny that good coincidences make a great story to tell, especially if you were lucky enough to catch it on camera.

We at Bright Side have found a bunch of fascinating accidents that left us in awe. We thought it would be a shame to not share the amazement with you too.

1. ’’Randomly found an old building that matches a painting I have.’’

2. “My Uber driver and me”

3. ’’I knocked over my water bottle and it fell upside down, still a third filled with water.’’

4. ’’My husband Ken found a mini plastic version of himself at HomeGoods.’’

5. ’’My dog, Flirt (left), found her doppelgänger!’’

6. ’’Accidentally filled my cup perfectly to the brim so it looks empty.’’

7. ’’My doctor said: You look like that guy on the wall over there!"

8. ’’This grape that I found entangled in a vine.’’

9. ’’I broke this stick of polystyrene in a random place and found a single grey pellet inside.’’

10. I found a bowl made by the woodturner who inspired me as a kid. Then I checked the book where I saw his work 31 years ago. This was that same bowl.

11. ’’My girlfriend found this rock that looks like a moustache.’’

12. ’’I was taking a Snapchat and managed to snap a picture of a bird milliseconds from hitting my side mirror.’’

13. ’’I got a waferless Kit Kat bar.’’

14. ’’I randomly found my car’s twin.’’

15. ’’When you stumble upon your classmate’s side modeling gig.’’

16. ’’These 3 random men in my photo look like the same person.’’

Which one of these coincidences surprised you the most? Do you have a story of a bewildering twist of fate happening to you too?

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chocolate on kit kat is so tasty I wouldn't mind eating just that


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