15+ Photos of German Life That’ll Leave You Either Jealous or Dumbfounded

2 years ago

The Germans are known for their practical mindset. They rarely do anything just for the sake of beauty. Every decision is rational and well-thought-out. This approach can be seen in transportation, in the way trees are planted, and in road signs. And the Germans had to figure out how to avoid the inconveniences of life in a practical way.

At Bright Side, we looked through many posts and photos from internet users. And we really want to adopt some ideas from the everyday lives of the Germans. In the bonus section, we’ll show you how the Germans managed to outmatch even the advanced Japanese.

Buses in Germany show a coffee cup when the driver is taking a little break.

If there is a traffic jam on the road, cars stay closer to the sides to create an emergency corridor.

Main train stations in Germany have Braille information for platforms and stair count on the top and bottom of the handrails.

A shopping cart cleaning machine in Germany

This sliced bread in Germany is sold without end slices.

“The best breakfast I can imagine.”

In Germany, they have “Alphabet Noodle soup” which even has the @ symbol.

Italy and Spain could bring Germany to public trial for this pizza.

These trees are planted sideways on this building, to save space. They’re constantly rotating so they will grow straight instead of only upward.

Sometimes they are even planted on roofs.

“I’ve been living in Germany for 25 years now, and this graveyard rack is the most German thing I’ve seen so far.”

“Relatives bring their own watering can and lock it to a designated watering can rack.”

They take road signs seriously in Germany.

“Damage to the road pavement. Damage to the bike lane. Damage to the sidewalk. Damage to the roof.”

Even Jelly Beans are displayed color-wise.

Standing wave surfing in a German sporting goods store

A large 5 star hotel in Germany... for insects

The self-service power wash dog cleaning station

Bonus: We thought that Japan was the kingdom of vending machines. No, there are just as many of them in Germany.

An inner-tube vending machine

A book vending machine

A vending machine with flower seeds called “Bee Food”

Which photo surprised you the most? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit nighteeeeey / Reddit


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I've lived in Germany for a while, but most of these things aren't as widespread as this article implies tbh


love how many details they pay to the smallest things, I wish every country learnt from them :)


lots of countries in Europe have such vending machines with bread and sides. I believe they can be seen in Asia too 😅


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