15+ Photos of Places Where Nature Took Back Control

2 years ago

Although we are surrounded by the latest technology and fantastic buildings, we sometimes forget that nature will outlive all of it. From huge steamships to glamorous villas, nature continues to find ways to conquer all.

Bright Side loves to see natural wonders, so today we have collected 19 fascinating photos of nature taking back control.

1. “Here’s nature taking over an entrance stairway of an abandoned nineteenth-century Portuguese villa.”

2. “A 1968 Toyota Corona 1900 Sedan abandoned in a forest”

3. “This tree has grown around a lamp post.”

4. “Nature taking over an old greenhouse”

5. “Nature claiming this forgotten footbridge”

6. “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, anyone?”

7. “Let’s go snap some pics!”

8. “A beautiful synagogue that has been abandoned for over 20 years”

9. “Swallowed into the ground...”

10. “This boot I found in the woods is being reclaimed by nature.”

11. “Beware of the White Witch...”

12. “Join the ride on the green side.”

13. “The S.S. City of Adelaide, taken over by nature”

14. “An overgrown villa in Germany”

15. “An old textile mill being reclaimed by nature in Rhode Island”

16. “A house in the English countryside being taken over by nature”

17. “Swimming pools in Porto Moniz being reclaimed by the sea”

18. “An old car on land my family used to own in Mississippi”

19. “I found a shoe in the woods.”

What fascinating places do you know of when nature took back control? Let us know in the comments!

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