15+ Photos Showing It Takes Nerves of Steel to Be a Parent

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2 years ago

You can be the smartest man on earth and still not have a clue about what a child really wants. They can burst into tears in public because you don’t want to buy them a toy, demand to let them walk on fresh concrete, or get upset when you don’t allow them to draw on the walls with a marker.

We at Bright Side honestly believe that it takes nerves of steel to be a parent. Check out our compilation below to learn why.

1. This is what a real father looks like — not the kind that takes the children home after an hour.

2. “My son refused to drink his milk from a cup.”

3. “My nephew likes ripping things apart.”

4. “This is the face she gives me when I tell her to stop eating mud and put her shoes back on.”

5. “Watching TV with a 2-year-old is so relaxing,” said no parent, ever!

6. “She’s currently angry that it’s called the ’Children’s Museum’ and not the ’Dinosaur Museum.’”

7. “How my son deals with Mondays...”

8. “My son wanted to go through the drive-thru.”

9. “My 2-year-old confronted the greatest disappointment of her entire life, thus far, yesterday.”

10. “My son really wanted pizza.”

11. “My nephew asked for a dollar but didn’t say he wanted to make a wish...”

12. Less than 5 minutes ago, I offered this kid a pillow. She threw it at me because she “does NOT want to lie down...”

13. “My 5-year-old son decided to chew on the blinds in his bedroom.”

14. “My nephew ate a quarter.”

15. “My kid made his Easy Mac without water. We had to leave the house for hours thanks to the smell.”

16. A father’s reaction to seeing his triplets for the first time

Have your children ever done something that caused a great deal of trouble? Share their stories and photos with us in the comments!

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I also tried to eat the candle from the cake when I was younger ?


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