15 Photos That Captured Mother Nature’s Never-Ending Ability to Impress Us

2 years ago

Nature is ever-present but it still manages to sneak up on us with surprises. From a spiral cucumber grown in someone’s garden to a rock that looks exactly like a steak, we never get tired of what Earth has to offer. Lucky enough for us, people shared these incredible sightings online.

Bright Side now turns the spotlight on Mother Nature with a display of some of her feats and tricks.

1. “This huge leaf. Wife for scale.”

2. “A spiral cucumber grew in my garden.”

3. “Right before a monarch butterfly emerges from a chrysalis it turns transparent so you can see the wings.”

4. “Baby birds in a nest on a wreath on our front door.”

5. “Deformed corn, the only one out of the bunch that looked like this.”

6. “Found a piece of rock that looks like a steak.”

7. “This morning I found a bat sleeping in my window. Inside the screen.”

8. “Found a 3 budded flower today.”

9. “We came across a pretty large dragonfly.”

10. “One of the carrots in my garden decided to put all of its energy into the stem and leaves, with almost no actual carrot.”

11. “Looked down at a parking lot and noticed the roots of the tree.”

12. “A few sharks’ teeth I found while diving in a river.”

13. “My chicken laid an egg-less shell and a shell-less egg in the same morning. Both were perfectly intact.”

14. “This pixelated leaf I found.”


In what ways has nature amazed you lately? How much do you enjoy spending time outside exploring? Let your greatest tales and photos be the center of attention in our comments!

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